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> Dear all A year has gone by since the last IALM meeting in Budapest where FASE held a one week Forensic Anthropology workshop (with 16 participants from Italy, France, Portugal, Singapore, Hungary, Romania, Switzerland, USA, Spain, UK), a FASE session at the Congress with numerous presentations and the election of a new Board (see Board section).

Since then there has been a FASE advanced course on Trauma (in July 2007) at the University of Coimbra (30 attendants).

Coming up is a FASE congress on age in Macerata, Italy, and one in Paris in November (see "Events" section on this website).

Next year we should be meeting at a FASE Congress in Edinburgh, so proposals for sections are well accepted. Shortly a special issue of the International Journal of Legal Medicine dedicated to Forensic Anthropology will be available on-line and then in the printed version.

This issue has collected selected articles which stem from the first three years of FASE meetings and congresses (meetings in Milano 2003, Frankfurt 2004, Monastir 2005 and Budapest 2006).

Remember our FASE site/address: fase.fase@gmail.com and

website www.labanof.unimi.it/FASE.htm

For those of you who wish to become members, please go to the membership section on our website

Fase Secretary Cristina Cattaneo

Fase Vice-President Eugenia Cunha


>The International Academy of Legal Medicine has decided to dedicate a special issue of the International Journal of Legal Medicine to Forensic Anthropology.
Thus all those who presented communications at the FASE MEETING in Frankfurt, FASE Members, etc. if interested, can send their communication (or other ones they may think worthy of publication) to the FASE Secretariat by April 30th 2005.

E. Baccino
Service de MÚdecine LÚgale Hopital Lapeyronie CHU Montpellier
34295 Montpellier
Cedex 5

These will then be forwarded to IJLM for peer reviewing.


>Forensic Anthropology Society of Europe (FASE), a subsection of IALM, is one year old.

Dear Colleagues Just over 1 year ago, the Forensic Anthropology Society of Europe (FASE), the first subsection of the International Academy of Legal Medicine, was founded in Milano, on the occasion of the 23rd IALM Congress.
At 1 year after its foundation we already have over 40 new IALM FASE members and have organised and completed the first FASE meeting in Frankfurt.
The number of registrations for this first meeting was 58, excluding invited guest speakers: 24 oral presentations and 14 posters, most of high quality were presented, along with a plenary session on the role and teaching of forensic anthropology across Europe.
Participants came from France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Denmark, UK, USA, Colombia, Canary Islands and South America. The discussion following the plenary lecture led to the perception of a very strong common interest in this field, its strong links to forensic pathology, its multidisciplinarity, but lack of proper training, post-graduate courses, common guidelines and communication.
The Board meeting held during the Congress therefore decided, for the next 2 years, to commit itself to the following issues:

- maximising the number of meetings, for 2005 in Monastir (in connection with the Mediterranean Society of Forensic Medicine meeting) with a 1-day workshop on "building the biological profile", and for 2006 in Budapest (in connection with the IALM meeting) preceded or followed by the 5-day workshop (European Workshop of Forensic Anthropology) held in Europe every second year.

- A website for continuous information on FASE but also for forums and discussion (at the moment the FASE "website" is hosted at the site of LABANOF, Laboratorio di Antropologia e Odontologia Forense, Istituto di Medicina Legale, Milano (http://users.unimi.it/labanof)

- Creating common FASE-IALM guidelines and recommended protocols across Europe, to be published and constantly updated, for various issues: biological profiles, aging the living, identification, trauma, time since death, etc.

- Developing international relations for the study of victims of war crimes and for the education of local pathologists. Requests and initial relations have already been set with the Red Cross in Geneva (Dr Morris Tidball-Bitz) and in South America.

Sincerely Prof. E. Baccino FASE President (January 2005)


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